School Participation

Explore the field and become a young humanitarian

Mapathon is a fun and engaging activity to deepen students’ knowledge of humanitarian work. Through hands-on mapping tasks, students can directly contribute to MSF's humanitarian medical activities. Click here to learn more about Mapathon.

Join MSF as a volunteer mapper

All students aged above 14 can be a volunteer mapper. With internet, laptop and a mouse, students can give their time to support MSF medical work. No prior experience is required and training will be provided. For younger students, it is recommended that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How to start a Mapathon in your school?

Pick a date in May or June 2021 to organize a Mapathon. (Students who participate in a Mapathon between May and June will be invited to become a Mapping Leader and work closely with MSF to organize the next Mapathon in July)
Fill in the application form 2 weeks before your planned Mapathon date.
MSF will get in touch within 2 working days to confirm the Mapathon event and provide Mapathon resources.
Mark the event on your school calendar and reserve a venue/ decide which online platform you will use to organise Mapathon.
Encourage students and parents to give their time and volunteer in Mapathon. A fundraiser can be set up at the same time to double the impact.
MSF will arrange Mapping Experts to host the Mapathon and answer questions related to Mapathon.

Leadership building opportunity outside the classroom - Be a Mapping Leader with MSF

Students can sign up to join and support future Mapathons organised by MSF as Mapping Leaders. Mapping Leaders will work closely with MSF staff to train other new mappers and will have a chance to meet with fieldworkers during the Mapathon.


To acknowledge your support for MSF Day and Mapathon

All participating schools and Mapping Leaders will receive a certificate. To find out more about Mapathon or how your school and students can participate, please contact us at( You can fill in the school enrolment form ONLINE or download a form HERE.