School Participation

Be the young humanitarian and save lives together

Through fun and engaging activities, students will gain knowledge on humanitarian work, take the lead to explore ongoing humanitarian crisis and become a young humanitarian. 

Online talk

Are you interested in introducing students to the frontline operations by MSF? We bring field stories into school for students to experience the dilemma faced by fieldworkers.


Mapathon is a fun and engaging activity to deepen students’ knowledge of humanitarian work. Through hands-on mapping tasks, students can directly contribute to MSF's humanitarian medical activities.

All students aged above 14 can be a volunteer mapper. With internet, laptop and a mouse, students can give their time to support MSF medical work.

No prior experience is required and training will be provided. For younger students, it is recommended that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.



To acknowledge your support for MSF Day and Mapathon

All participating schools and Mapping Leaders will receive a certificate.