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Natural disasters bring huge challenges to people, and MSF strives to get to the most affected areas as soon as possible to provide medical aid to those with the greatest needs. We cordially invite you to join "7.7 MSF Day"  to listen to the victims' needs and donate a day of your income as a response.

Receive an exclusive MSF Day bracelet with a QR code by donating HK$20 or more, and unlock audio stories about earthquakes and floods performed by singers Kay Tse, Siu Kwan (in Cantonese) as well as the MSF team after scanning the code. For donations of $100 or more, we will send you an MSF Day bracelet as well as one to our International Mobile Staff, as a token of your support.

After receiving your donation, we will mail you a special "7.7 MSF Day" bracelet. Please wear the bracelet on 7 July and helping people in distress with us. Thank you. 

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“7.7 MSF Day” bracelet

After receiving your donation, a “7.7 MSF Day” bracelet will be delivered to you. Please wear the bracelet on 7 July to signify you are supporting MSF and saving lives with our frontline field workers!!

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For Hong Kong residents, donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible.