7.7 MSF Day

Give a day to MSF. So we can carry on saving lives.
Please support 7.7 MSF Day.

Each year, over 4,000 field workers work with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in more than 70 countries, providing medical aid to people in need and in danger. Despite difficult conditions and limited resources in the field, MSF field workers never give up saving lives and alleviating suffering. It may not be possible for you to be a field worker and work on the front line, but you can still give us a hand in delivering medical aid to our patients by donating the value of the small things in your daily life. Join MSF Day Now! Giving a day to MSF means you are working with over 4,000 field workers to reduce suffering and to help people survive in a crisis.

After receiving your donation, a “7.7 MSF Day” bracelet will be delivered to you. Please wear the bracelet on 7 July to signify you are supporting MSF and saving lives with our frontline field workers!

Give us your time, join Mapathon

Apart from giving the value of those small things in your daily life, you can also give us your time to save lives in another way. In 2014, MSF co-founded the “Missing Maps Project”, which prioritizes mapping vulnerable areas prone to disasters and epidemics. Equipped with more accurate maps ahead of the emergency, humanitarian workers can better follow the impact of natural disasters and epidemic outbreaks, as well as the movements of displaced populations to save more lives. In a venue with good internet connection, Volunteers come together to help locate buildings, roads, pathways and water sources based on satellite pictures. Your participation can help to make map more accurate and up-to-update, and contribute meaningfully to medical humanitarian work in corners of the world where map information is incomplete. Click here to learn more about Mapathon.

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