Organisation Participation

By giving a day, you can help us save lives

We sincerely invite companies and organisations to join the 7.7 MSF Day Campaign together with staff and friends. You can participate by promoting the campaign and by raising funds for MSF. Together with your staff, you can support MSF by making a donation, equivalent to a days’ worth of your spending, be it a day’s coffee or a new item of clothing. We also welcome any ideas that you may have on how your organisation would like to donate a day to us. Everyone who donates to the MSF Day Campaign will receive an MSF bracelet and by wearing this bracelet on July 7th, it signifies that you have donated that day to MSF.

As part of this campaign in the spirit of MSF Day, you can also help us out by donating a few hours of your time to map areas of the world where organisations, like MSF, are trying to reach. Your colleagues, friends and family can come together and practically help our teams on the front line. Through our MSF Day Mapathon, you can create actual digital maps that help our frontline workers to deliver humanitarian aid to people who need it most. Click here to learn more about Mapathon.

How to participate as an organisation

Each organisation will need to appoint an Event Coordinator to coordinate the event. The appointed Event Coordinator can fill in the organisation enrolment form ONLINE or download the organisation enrolment form HERE
Promotion and Submission of Donation
To encourage staff to participate, materials such as posters and leaflets are available upon request. Companies and organisations are also welcome to open their own Organisation Donation Page to facilitate the collection of donations. Donations can be made online or please send the sponsorship forms together with cheque/bank transfer slip to the MSF Hong Kong office on or before 23rd June,2021 and mark “MSF Day” on the envelope.
Wear Your MSF Day Bracelet
An MSF Day Bracelet will be sent to all participants that have enrolled and donated before July 7th, 2021. Bracelets and a thank you certificate for companies and organisations will be delivered to the address submitted in the organisation enrolment form.
Companies and organisations are welcome to join together as a team to participate in our MSF Day Mapathon. Please indicate on the enrolment form your interest in participating as a team or contact us directly.


To show our appreciation for your support, we will offer the following acknowledgements to your organisation:

For organisations who reach a total donation of HK$40,000 or above (including staff’s donation), you will be invited to the public Mapathon event. Your orgnaisation’s logo and name will be listed on the campaign website and MSF Hong Kong annual activity report 2021 respectively.

For organisations who reach a total donation of HK$10,000 or above (including staff’s donation), your organisation’s name will be listed on the campaign website and MSF Hong Kong annual activity report 2021.

All participating organisation will receive a thank you certificate from MSF.

To find out more, please contact us at or (852) 2959 4249.