Uncovering stories of
hope and courage
amidst natural disasters

Natural disasters can strike at any moment, causing devastation to communities and leaving casualties in their wake.  Along with natural disasters caused by crustal movements, climate change is making extreme weather events like typhoons and flooding more frequent and severe.  Sadly, the media and society tend to solely focus on the rising number of fatalities and damages, which can overshadow the voices of those struggling to survive.  Their voices can also get lost in the chaos and noise of online discussions and disrupted communication systems. 

During times of disaster, it's essential to understand the unique needs of those affected.  We can do this by continually assessing the situation, actively listening to the victims, and pooling resources from various sources.  By doing so, we can provide compassionate support in a time of crisis.



As a medical humanitarian organization, MSF places great importance on responding to natural disasters.  Our objective is not just to save lives, but to ensure that the voices of those affected are heard and their needs addressed.  Please donate a day of your income to help us address the voices of victims and provide the essential medical support they need.

Listen to the stories amidst natural disasters

Help us make a difference by responding to the calls from disaster-stricken areas.

A day of your income can help us respond to the victims' needs.
Support MSF Day! Your contribution can bring a huge impacts:


HK$105 = Six jerry cans for people to fill with clean drinking water which is absolutely essential to avoid waterborne diseases in the aftermath of a natural disaster 

HK$400 = Four 4’ by 6’ waterproof and opaque plastic sheets to provide immediate shelter and protection from the elements

HK$660 = An emergency health kit to treat 40 people