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Don’t underestimate the value of small things in your daily life, whether it’s a cup of coffee, a movie ticket or new clothes, they can be transformed into important resources! Please join us now! Let’s carry on saving lives together.

Look what these small things in your life can add up to as a donation:

1 cup of coffee =Anti-malaria treatment for 1 child
Anti-malaria treatment
Transmitted by infected mosquitoes, malaria kills nearly half a million people every year. 70% of all deaths are children under five years of age. MSF was one of the first non-governmental organizations to use a new fixed-dose combination drug that includes artemisinin, a Chinese herb. This artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) works quickly to combat the illness and causes very few side effects.
1 movie=Material for cleaning and protecting wounds for 7 people
Dressings Kit
A portable dressings kit is stocked with enough supplies for 50 wound dressings, including tape, scissors, bandages, antiseptic, syringes and gloves.
The materials in these kits allow MSF field staff to clean and protect wounds so they can heal properly – wounds which may have been sustained from accidents, violence or burns. Without access to proper dressings, wounds can become infected and cause serious complications.
1 cake=2 carpenter’s hammers to build a hospital
Carpenter's Hammer
In the hands of an MSF technical logistician, a carpenter’s hammer is used for many tasks, from constructing shelters for displaced population and protect patients from sweltering heat or pouring rain, to the upkeep of hospitals, latrines and project offices.
1 new item of clothing=2000 sterile syringes
Single-Use Sterile Syringes
MSF protect millions of lives each year through vaccinations. Sterile syringes are needed to carry out vaccination campaigns for meningitis, measles and other life-threatening diseases. Sterile syringes are vitally important in ensuring the medicine is delivered into the body safely.
Syringes are well designed to prevent any leakage and ensure a syringe cannot be re-used. This helps to prevent the transmission of blood-borne diseases such as HIV.
1 pair of sneakers=5 stethoscopes
You can start the healing process by supplying doctors and nurses with stethoscopes for use in the field. Used to listen to and check on heart and lung function through sound, stethoscopes are important in helping to detect pneumonia, respiratory infections and tuberculosis.
Properly functioning stethoscopes are key to a doctor’s work and are a tool that can help guide the doctor in making clinical decisions.
*The proportion of medical supplies to luxury good is only for reference, the actual prices as listed in real MSF warehouse catalogues.

Here are some stories from our field workers which reveal more about the work of MSF.

Front line stories from four field workers

Surgeon Akin
It is difficult for those who live in areas of conflict and poverty to get to the hospitals. Many die on the way there. So I always try my best to save every single patient who makes it to our hospitals.
Nurse Maria
Instead of providing direct care myself, I think what I have done has empowered my local colleagues. I look forward to seeing their progress if I could go back to the Central African Republic one day.
Logistician Vincent
While our medical team was saving lives on the front line, as an engineer, I hoped to keep them from worrying about the technical aspect of the respirators. Our job was to do our best to support them and ensure that they could concentrate on their work without any worries.
OT Nurse Samantha
The pandemic caused a sharp drop in logistics and medical supplies could not be delivered to South Sudan. We had to think twice before using each piece of gauze. Apart from providing care to existing patients, we had to reserve enough resources to prepare for mass casualties that could happen any time.