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09:00 We are on our way to work; they are fleeing their homes 
14:30 We are working in full swing with colleagues; they are evading bombardment in dugouts 
19:00 We are preparing to cook our meals; they are worrying about how to get clean drinking water for their sick daughter 

Under the same sky, we are busy with our lives; 
At the same time, under the same sky, they are busy surviving. 

MSF teams are on the ground every day, working in areas affected by conflicts, natural disasters or epidemics, striving to deliver medical aid to refugees, people surviving in disasters and to vulnerable groups. It may not be possible for you to be a fieldworker and work on the front line but you can still give us a hand in providing essential medical health care to those suffering in distress. Join MSF day Now! Giving a day to MSF, together we can save more lives.

7.7. Under the same sky, lifesaving work is happening
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=Cleaning and protecting wounds for 7 people
=3 carpenter’s hammers to build a hospital
=Emergency health kit to treat 40 people
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*The proportion of medical supplies to luxury good is only for reference, the actual prices as listed in real MSF warehouse catalogues.

Under the same sky, in different places, we are all facing different challenges. 
Here are some stories from our field workers which reveal more about the work of MSF. 


Hong Kong Doctor Joyce Ching:
“When you are young, you always think big and want to do something for the world. But after more experience, you will understand that changing the world is not so easy. But everyone has different positions, different abilities, as long as they work in their own way. Do your best in your position, you don’t have to do big things to be useful.”

Amidst the 5th wave of COVID-19 infections in Hong Kong, the magnitude and severity of the crisis left the elderly and vulnerable groups isolated, and their medical and mental health needs overlooked. MSF collaborated with local NGOs to implement people-centred vaccination programme for the vulnerable groups, such as the low income groups and the elderly. Joyce participated the programme to provide medical consultations to them.
Norwegian Doctor Morten Rostrup:
“Our presence can provide hope, peace and a sense of security. It is a concrete symbol that we care. We are there as fellow human beings, directly and closely. They are not forgotten.”

Since the early days of the war in Ukraine, Kharkiv, the second largest city in the country located near the eastern frontlines, has been heavily affected by the fighting. While a lot of people left, many who stayed have resorted to living in the underground stations as a way to protect themselves from bombings. MSF teams provide primary healthcare consultations in several underground stations where people are sheltering
Hong Kong Nurse Vincent Pau:
“I want those in distress to know they are not being forgotten. Even though we don't know each other, we are still willing to help, and I think that's a very important purpose of MSF's work.”

Vincent worked in an MSF project in Sudan during June to October 2021 to help provide medical care to displaced people.
Malaysian Anaesthetist Mafeitzeral Mamat:
"You need to keep an open mind to deal with the constant changes and difficulties; just try your best to solve the problems in harsh conditions. This will lead you to overcome one difficulty after another and persevere."

Back in 2021, during the raging Covid-19 pandemic and the change of regime in Afghanistan, Dr Mamat joined the MSF mission in Khost Maternity Hospital, providing anaesthesia services to patients and training and guidance to the local anaesthesia practitioners.