Why Support MSF Day

  • Mr. Jawin CHOW
    Director, Tak Lee Machinery Company Limited

    Tak Lee Machinery Company Limited has been continuously supporting MSF Day as the Key Sponsor for 6 years – MSF is deeply grateful for the generosity and committed support.

    "Donating a day's income is the equivalent of volunteering for MSF for one day." This does not simply mean donating only, it also allows us to participate in, and fully support MSF's humanitarian aid work ourselves.

    Many developing countries need our help urgently, and their need is more than monetary assistance. I agree with MSF that aid should not be limited by borders, and I truly appreciate their relief work, which is concrete and helpful to the population in need globally.

    As part of the society, practicing corporate social responsibility is very important - "Taking from the community, we must also back to the community". Helping those in need and providing support to our society, will ultimately contribute to the harmony and development of our community and environment as a whole.

  • Ms. CHANG I Chen, Emily
    Managing Director, BB Group Company Ltd.

    It is the raison d'etre of MSF to deliver emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict and to provide medical assistance to people in need. We hope that we can bring hope to the innocents suffering from natural disasters, armed conflicts or other conditions which made them often neglected. By taking the leader role in motivating staff participation to support humanitarian aid word, I wish to turn corporate social responsibility into our company's culture and image that can also influence the working environment, promote good working attitudes and foster a culture of giving amongst employees.

  • Mr. Thomas Ching
    Managing Director of the Consolidated Marketing Group

    MSF at the frontline, is demonstrating the highest degree of humanity and integrity in action for those in need. This is worth supporting.

  • S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited

    The world is facing massive humanitarian crisis. Emergency medical assistance is urgently needed for areas, in particular affected by wars, where pressing issues such as displacement, starvation, lack of access to water and inadequate healthcare service have been confronting. Médecins Sans Frontières is one of the most responsive and effective international emergency organizations. Through our participation in the MSF Day, we help support crucial and timely emergency assistance to population in distress, and help alleviate the suffering for those in the greatest needs.  Together, we can make a difference. 

  • Mr. Lau Wing Sou
    President of Wiseford Industries Limited

    Nowadays, regardless of the economic and political turmoil in the world and the disparity between the rich and the poor, we are in this blessed land in Hong Kong – there are no destructive natural and man-made disasters. Everyone in the community could enjoy various kinds of care.

    However, many people around the world still live in dire straits. While we are lucky, we still need to think of the suffering of these groups. Within our capabilities, we should help the vulnerable people. I think MSF is worth it. As an organization that I trust, many volunteers devote their time selflessly to help ease the suffering of others. Although we may not have the professional knowledge and time, we can still do our best to support this humanitarian action. As a participant, I feel the meaning of life – it is always more blessed to give than to receive.