Why Support MSF Day

It is the raison d'etre of MSF to deliver emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict and to provide medical assistance to people in need. We hope that we can bring hope to the innocents suffering from natural disasters, armed conflicts or other conditions which made them often neglected.

By taking the leader role in motivating staff participation to support humanitarian aid word, I wish to turn corporate social responsibility into our company's culture and image that can also influence the working environment, promote good working attitudes and foster a culture of giving amongst employees.

Ms Chang I Chen, Emily

Managing Director of BB Group Company Limited

The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment.

Thank you for all of your hard working to save life

Chan Anthony

Thank you so much for all of you the professional treatments to those needed and heartful contributions !

Life is valuable, it’s our honor to help everyone!

Joe Yung

Thank you for your selfishness action and care! Keep doing and keep going

Always share our love with others !


Thanks for the good work that you have done for this world. My support is small. But I'm sure there will be more and more people giving their support to you. I will tell the people I know to do it.

Peter Tsang

When I received the letters, I was astonished by the fact that it is my 16th year donating to MSF! This is for sure one of the most correct decisions I have made in my life!

Thank you MSF for your selfless commitment, spreading love to every corner of the world.

Cleo Ko

Dear Field Workers, I salute you all for your great dedication to people who are in need.

Many of them suffered from illness, wars, disasters and the current covid-19 pandemic. Your professional services and your selfless devotion to duty make this world a better place for everyone. Let your "LIGHT" shine.

Sandy Ng

Winga continues to fully support the work of MSF and is proud to say we have participated in the MSF Day Initiative for six consecutive years. The past year has been extremely challenging for everyone globally as all countries are fighting hard to control the pandemic. MSF’s work has been critical in many areas where the healthcare system needs support and training.

Your work inspires us to live with compassion and love so we can help others in an international scale. Words cannot express our appreciation. Thank you!

Mr. Eddy Lo Wai Lun

Chairman of Winga Apparel Group Ltd

We are indescribably grateful to have you doctors, nurses and other field workers! The mission is challenging, but still you are devoted to assisting vulnerable communities. You are true heroes who ask for nothing in return.

Phil Chan

To my dearest volunteers, every time I read about MSF's emergency responses in emergencies, I cannot help but be moved to tears. From your compassion, I have learnt to view all the unfortunate events in my life as unimportant, because you have demonstrated courage in the face of adversities, again and again. Thank you so much!


Because of you guys, the sun will shine again for those who are at their low point. And with you, all the world is a prettier place! Keep it up and never give up!

Ellen Cheung

Keep up the good work and thank you for standing at the forefront for those suffering from war, poverty and disease worldwide.

Miu Yik Chun

Health is the best gift. With the same belief, we at Vision Skill fully support Medecins Sans Frontieres incredible work and humanitarian aids they are offering to the vulnerable around the world. During this difficult time of the global pandemic, we encourage all to donate and offer your support to the frontline doctors, nurses and staff for their dedication to keep the communities safe and healthy.

Ms Emily Tang

Director of Vision Skill Consulting Limited

I used to be a medical worker. Though I am no longer working in this field, the desire to save people still lingers around. I deeply understand and support all of you in MSF who are able to contribute in the field!

Helen Wong

Thank you each and every one of you from the MSF team! Your contribution to vulnerable countries and communities is much appreciated and absolutely amazing.

I wish you well in everything you do, thank you so much :)

Kittie K

I really appreciate your noble contribution of medical knowledge & skills to those in need in devastated & war-torn areas.

Chan Fun Yee Addie

Thank you all for your selfless dedication! You have given hope to the helpess, and lighten up their darkness. We are so thankful, so grateful, so blessed......

Sally Leung

Dear doctors, thank you for putting all your heart and soul in curing those in need! I know the process must certainly be uneasy, but I believe your hard work will pay off. Once again, thank you MSF, I hope my humble donation can help. Thank you!

Chan Wai Laam

As a medic, I truly understand the importance of sparing no efforts in saving lives. Thank you wholeheartedly, I will be rooting for you all!

Law Wing Hei

I'm just 5 years old and can't be a doctor for the time being. Please work hard, doctors. I'll support you all!


Unconditional sacrifices come with greatest blessings. Thank you for all your efforts, you have my infinte support! Though I may not be beside you, I hope that blessings always surround each one of you.

Quin C.